That’s what I need to do each day.

It’s my job, my work, my business.

It’s the way that I make sense

of my world.


It’s how I figure things out:

whether digging in some sand

or playdough with my hand

in my yard.


It helps discover who I am:

making faces in a mirror

or with kids who are my peers

in my school.


When I pretend I’m you,

I can be a dad, a mother,

a fireman or a teacher

in my town.

Play, play, play, play

is how I learn to be nice.

But it takes a lot of practice.

Play is not all fun and bliss.

It’s work to play nice all day.


makes my young brain grow.

Yes, every time I play

new connections are made

beneath my skull.   So, play is what I need to do each day…