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Parents, you're in luck! Poetic Parenting is a crash course in parenting. But since it's from baby's point of view, dressed up in poetry, songs, playful colors and baby voice, it appeals to kids, too!  So don't wait till baby's asleep to learn. Kids tune in and enjoy the rhymes and music. Who knows, they'll probably grow up knowing this parenting stuff -- second nature! 

There are also songs your child will learn: 

  • "Bedtime Routine", sung to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ; 
  • "Getting Dressed", sung to Itsy Bitsy Spider; 
  • "Diaper Changing", sung to Whistle While You Work , of course. 

Singing these will make those necessary routines so much easier!

Learn: The benefits of bonding, value of play, songs, tips on toilet training, discipline techniques, basically getting through the first three years with your child's self-esteem intact, optimal brain development, and you, self-assured in your parenting role.

Taken from segments of poems and songs from baby's point of view, here's what your babies have to say about...exploring...

"It feels like just yesterday I was born
And you got so excited with each new thing I'd learn:
smiling, blowing bubbles, kicking my feet,
holding my head up, rolling over what a treat!

Then I learned the use of my hands, that artful skill
of reaching and grabbing things, what a thrill!..."

....the importance of play...

"Play! That's what I need to do each day.
It's my job, my work, my business,
it's the way that I make sense of my world...."

and so much more.... and that bedtime routine that you can sing :

"When  it's time to go to bed,
I pull my PJ's over my head
Brush my teeth, wash up clean, 
read a book, and then we'll sing..."

Other titles include:

  • "A Few Reasons To Have A Temper Tantrum"
  • "Magical Babies"
  • "The Wonder Of Hands"
  • "Bean Bags"
  • "Mummy's On Another Line...Can You Hold?"