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Claritivity Education provides programs by design, addressing your needs creatively, entertainingly, effectively. Themes and topics are exemplified through stories, poems, songs that make a lasting impact upon audiences or workshop participants. 

Following is a list of tried and true programs available now: 

For Parents

  • Clarity Parenting Workshops - incorporate interactively, the performing arts mentioned above. Participants engage in role play, problem solving, journaling, poetizing, depending on interest level.
  • Poetic Parenting Presentations - performance that describes what children need from us developmentally, social, emotional, physical, linguistic. These are available for parents of preschoolers, elementary school age, teens, or alla audience

For Kids

  • "Backyard Wonders" - stories, poems, and songs that exemplify kindness to nature, one another, and selves. 

  • "The Blue Bag special" - 10 minute dream fantasy musical play about recycling. K through 8 students are articles of trash to be recycled.

For Teens

  • "Fleeting Moments" - a 50 minute play about decision making and avoidance of impulsive behaviors that lead to teen pregnancy, drug use and violence. Options exist of the play as a one woman interactive performance or a residency, whereby, students are the actors.